Henna Maria Vermeulen

Peace Activist, Poet & Practitioner of Ancestral Healing Arts

Peace Activist, Poet & Practitioner of Ancestral Healing Arts

Henna Maria Vermeulen

The Activist Course:
Foundations For Pioneering Peace Activism

From practical knowledge on how to organise a rally and face the police, to exploring the psychology of effective dialogue and learning the basics of Natural Law, this course will equip you with tools which are vital in activism, but also enhance your self-enquiry and communication skills in everyday life.

The Course consists of over 9 hours (!) of video material, divided into 12 self-study lessons, complete with exercises. Check out the course outline below.


1. Peace Activism: In the first lesson we explore the meaning and purpose of nonviolence especially in the context of activism, and examine the structure of our modern society. I also illustrate strategies of how to peacefully take down a slave society and restore natural order and return to harmonious co-existence. Make sure to have a pen and paper with you, as you also get to draw a couple of diagrams.

2. Strategy: In order to form effective strategies for our work, we must first be able to analyse the situation at hand like a crime scene investigator. In this lesson, I provide some key questions to help trigger your critical thinking and expand your perception. We then look at the main two strategies for nonviolent action as well as contemplate the values and goals of your activism. I also pose the question -  why do some activists fail?

3. Leadership & Action: This lesson is all about starting to walk the talk. Firstly, we look at what genuine leadership means and what it requires of the individual. We look at what are the benefits and challenges of working solo or as a group, as well as how to lead your team. We also go through various different ways to create a public action, from candle lit vigils and mock funerals to flash mobs and artistic performances.

4. Tips & Tools:  In this lesson I share practical tips for preparing a public action as well as a list of easy-to-use software, apps and technology to create event posters, flyers and newsletters.

5. Internal Mapping: Here we begin to go deeper into the spiritual dimension of activism. The first initiation for a trail blazing peace maker and truth speaker is to embark on the journey of self-enquiry. I introduce the The Trivium Method and take it into a transpersonal context, using the Trivium in order to heal oneself and our communities. This lesson also includes exercises to discover your core values and growth points.

6. Emotional Intelligence: In this lesson we examine the difference between intellect and intelligence, judgement and discernment. Our underlying beliefs concerning the other can seriously hinder our ability to connect with and inspire our fellow humans. Therefore cultivating compassion while knowing when to draw boundaries are vital practises for the activist. We also go through some conflict resolution techniques as well as look at what authenticity really means.

7. Outreach Skills: In this lesson we explore the energetic and bodily aspect of our communication, also known as body language. We then move onto comparing the purpose and nature of dialogue vs. debate, and contemplate how to build trust with people. I also offer advice on how to approach people on the streets and how to guide a conversation in a way that it helps people find their own wisdom.

8. Facing The Police: This lesson is all about the police - what is their role and what is the reality of their work. We look at illegal police tactics and how to minimise the risk of violence in marches and protests. I share some pointers on how to protect your rights effectively, how to have positive engagement with the police and what to do if you face being arrested.

9. Human Rights & Natural Law: The topic of this lesson is our rights, and we will look at them in the context of written declarations as well as in their True origin - which is Natural Law. I will share the eight principles of Natural Law which can also be observed in the realm of consciousness and morality. We then look at what our Natural Rights are and the corresponding fundamental transgressions - the true crimes.

10. Recognising propaganda: This is a journey into the world of propaganda and mind control - how to see it in language and symbology. We go through the key methods that are used to manipulate the minds, value systems, and behaviours of the masses - and we examine this historically as well as in the context of the current psychological war. I finish by sharing the simple formula of how to break a spell.

11. Self Care: This is one of the most important lessons of the whole course - self care. Without a proper self care practice, the activist burns out and is of no use to anyone. I share my own tried and tested practices of cleansing,  spiritual nourishment and grounding.

12. Final Thoughts: The final lesson of this course is a summary of everything you need to remember when bringing your nonviolent action to life, as well as some guiding light into how to protect your work from corruption and outside infiltration.

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“What the world needs now… is Henna Maria’s course. We need more grounded peaceful warriors.

This is an investment for humanity, cause its ”all hands on deck” now, if you feel a calling to help, rise to the occasion. Henna does not sugar coat or tip toe, yet she manages to bring forth the brutal issues of the world with such a positive and inspirational approach.

She gives excellent guiding, from visual symbolism to concrete laws and direct advise for containing the peaceful state of things.

I thought I would never do homework again, but it was self-examining and enlightening. Likewise the beautiful presentations, clear and informative.

I have gained a transparent set of rules to the game of sacred activism. I feel more confident in relations to whom is involved on the streets, she brings us gifts of tools. Come on Pioneer, lets do this Peaceful and be real Activists.

I highly recommend this course. Henna is brilliant!"

- Kinara

”Henna Maria’s passion for basic human freedoms and liberties is contagious. On the course I really enjoyed talks and studies on the natural law, how to find a personal way to do activism in a proper way and how to face police.

It was fun and empowering to get to know and share with other activists who love freedom.”

- Mika

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