Henna Maria Vermeulen

Peace Activist, Poet & Practitioner of Ancestral Healing Arts

Peace Activist, Poet & Practitioner of Ancestral Healing Arts

Henna Maria Vermeulen

"In this time of great divide,

let us build bridges."

The Way Back To Humanity

Free Observer’s Martin Juncher interviews Henna about her outlook on the current global crisis and what we can do to guard our humanity. Filmed in February 2021

THE EVENT - Esoteric Principles For Healing Humanity 

In this journey we will explore the 8 principles of Natural Law; mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, gender and the one principle to create them all.

My Activism

The mission of Police For Freedom is to re-humanise our societies, bringing back trust and unity between the security forces and the people. The peaceful marches, events, campaigns and content created by Police For Freedom aim to educate people about their human rights and civil liberties, as well as the ethical code of conduct for the police.

Dawn of Peace is a creative collective and peace organisation, dedicated to protecting the integrity and sacredness of all Life through conscious activism. Our mission is to build bridges and create true peace by educating people about the spiritual reality of life. We advocate for peace, holistic healing, and self sovereignty as vital tools for the evolution of humanity.

The Save Our Food initiative is a universal collaboration of human beings, who are taking a stand for food sovereignty. With our visible action we wish to raise awareness on the vital importance of humane agricultural systems and food that is easily accessible, local and natural.
Food sovereignty is the absolute foundation for freedom.

My Story

As a seeking soul, I have always been passionate about the pains and glories of the human experience...

Having grown up in a tiny town in a Finnish forest, I was naturally called to explore the world. By the age of 16 I moved away from home to study expressive arts, and at 18 my adventure continued to California, where I first found my activism helping the homeless in San Francisco. I returned to Finland and in 2008 I started campaigning for human rights with Amnesty International. My love for the English language and humanitarian work took me to University to study Translation Science and Psychology, and work as a simultaneous interpreter in UN peace keeper trainings. However, this work soon proved not to be right for my character. As an interpreter one has no voice, and I had a message of my own to share.

In 2011, I started to find my true voice and the spiritual dimension of life began to reveal itself to me. I dove into a space of deep self-reflection and became vegan. This profound transformation of my worldview took me on a journey to pursue my love for the expressive arts again and leave the academic world behind. I moved to London to explore theatre as a means to convey the rich inner worlds - which I had been connecting to more and more through poetry and songwriting. I began advocating for animal rights and running prominent raw-centric vegan restaurants. This gave me valuable insights into nutrition and taught me to live by the principle of “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.

My search to comprehend the inner and outer landscapes of life eventually took me to the cradle of indigenous wisdom, the Amazon Rainforest. Living in London, I met my husband Richard, who also shared my love for the arts as a music producer and writer. He introduced the world of curanderismo to me and together we moved to Peru. In our five years of learning ancestral healing arts with the Shipibo tribe, we specialised in the art of icaros - songs of prayer and healing.

In 2019 I founded Dawn of Peace, bringing together my love for activism and spirituality, and began forming a collective of peace makers, who have the capacity to address the diverse issues of our world from a holistic and compassionate perspective. Our mission is to teach people about the spiritual reality of life, human and animal rights, medical freedom and self-sovereignty.

In 2021, as a response to rising totalitarianism, I co-founded the international Police For Freedom movement - educating police and civilians about our natural rights, in order to build unity and rehumanise our societies. 

As a true lover of humanity, my heart rejoices at the sight of golden threads of human connection being weaved across the world right now. Through excruciating pain, we are finding our sacred boundaries again. We are remembering our purpose and our place in this Creation. It is with great honour and gratitude that I carry the medicine of the ancients and continue to walk the path of service.

May all beings be free,

Henna Maria

" Is it love to remain silent and

watch the world burn?"

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